Groundwater Nitrate / SBX2 1 Project
Groundwater Nitrate / SBX2 1 Project
Groundwater Nitrate / SBX2 1 Project
University of California
Groundwater Nitrate / SBX2 1 Project

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UC Davis News

UC Davis News Release

Newswatch: Following the Trail of Nitrate  (video)

California WaterBlog:
"Growing costs and concern for drinking water in the Tulare Basin and Salinas Valley"


Regional and National News

Viewpoints: Risks, costs will rise from contamination of drinking water
Thomas Harter and Jay Lund, UC Davis, The Sacramento Bee

Study: Central Valley Drinking Water Contaminated
Sasha Kocha, The California Report

Central Valley Drinking Water Contamination
Sasha Khokha, KQED

UC study: Cropland threatens drinking water for 250,000 in Valley
Mark Grossi, The Fresno Bee
(Also in the Sacramento Bee)

Nitrates in California drinking water, study finds
Peter Fimrite, San Francisco Chronicle

Drinking water risk in the Central Valley
KGET - TV, Bakersfield

Canella statement on report about nitrates in drinking water
Sen. Anthony Canella, The Merced Sun-Star

Study: Drinking water at risk from California agriculture
Donna Jones, The San Jose Mercury News

Groundwater nitate contamination grows in California farm areas
Bettina Boxall, The Los Angeles Times

Report: Calif. nitrate contamination spreading
Gosia Wozniacka, Associated Press Report, New York Times

Widespread nitrate contamination reported
United Press International

Farming communities facing crisis over nitrate pollution, study says
Stett Holbrook, Food & Environment Reporting Network, MSNBC

UC nitrate report prompts calls for action
Central Valley Business Times

Project assesses management of nitrate on farms
Kate Campbell, AgAlert

Poor drinking water quality in disadvantaged communities
Patricia Leigh Brown, New York Times

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